Roadblocks to Take DNA Samples?

June 10, 2013

by Matt Wyers

Blood test kit

Blood test kit (Photo credit: ☺ Lee J Haywood)

So what exactly happened over the weekend?

You may have heard today about an incredibly strange and disturbing set of circumstances that occurred in both St. Clair and Bibb Counties(AL) over the weekend.  Here’s a report from on the what happened.

Apparently there were several roadblocks set up at various locales throughout the counties.  Off duty policemen then pulled over oncoming cars randomly and asked the motorists if they wanted to participate in a survey in which they would have to give blood samples or allow their mouths to be swabbed.  Each participant was paid $10 for a mouth swab and $50 for the blood sample.  According to Lt. Freddie Turrentine of the St. Clair Sheriff’s Dept, the survey was completely voluntary and if motorists didn’t want to participate then they were free to drive away.

Free to drive away?  Statements to the contrary have not been confirmed although they were denied by officials.  What is certain though is that motorists were not free to bypass a roadblock that was set up for something other than a public safety purpose.  Considering the invasive nature of the survey, the fact that policemen, albeit off duty, were conducting the proceedings is intimidating in some respect.

The roadblocks were part of a study being conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in concert with the National Highway Safety Administration.  So what is PIRE?  Breitbart reported on this same organization back in March performing anti-gun research.

And guess what?  The organization, PIRE, is linked to everyone’s favorite globalist, George Soros.  That in and of itself takes the “creepy” factor up a notch.

The Breitbart article also mentions that PIRE has been an advocate for tax increases on substances seen as harmful by public health experts.  It comes full circle when you hear that the surveys being conducted by PIRE this weekend were reportedly to identify how many of the motorists had been using alcohol and/or drugs of some type.

If people want to enter into anonymous studies on the effects of alcohol or drugs then that’s fine, but the government aiding in randomly detaining motorists to conduct some sort of on-site blood test sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.  And that’s exactly where that sort of thing should remain.

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Ed Duke
Ed Duke

Why didn't they provide a notice in advance that the samples were voluntary?

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