Taking a moment to introduce myself

May 9, 2014

Denel Wardell

Hi all. My name is Denel Wardell. I am a Conservative to the Core Grandmother of Four! I am probably more conservative than most of you but not quite as conservative as some of you. I do not just subscribe to “talking points” of any side, but choose to think for myself.

I do not believe everything is black and white. Most things are some shade of gray. And as long as a person only sees things in black and white, they miss out on learning so much. A person like that also tends to make everyone around them angry or frustrated with them at one point or another. I know I am not perfect. I am very opinionated, and I really don’t have a problem with letting people know my opinions. Sometimes I have knee-jerk reactions, but usually only my husband gets to hear those…lol.

I consider myself a life-time full-time student. I have so much more to learn, even at my age being a grandma. I think the day I have no more to learn is the day someone is making my funeral arrangements. I also intend to actually go back to school to be an official student. I am interested in the law, mostly criminal and Constitutional law, but would really like to get a degree specifically in Constitutional law.

I have just become a writer for this site, so watch for my articles. I will also be poking around in the forums on http://www.conservativefifty.com/forum/, so come check it out. I am sure you will see me somewhere. Feel free to engage with me about anything I post. But I guarantee not everyone is going to agree with everything I say. Keep in mind though that everything I write is “IN MY OPINION.” When engaging with me, as long as you are civil and respectful, I will participate in a conversation with you.

See you all around!

In Liberty,
Denel Wardell

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